Kingdom of Hate was formed in Santiago in the late 2007 by former members of Necrosis. Kingdom of Hate reunites Andres Marchant on vocals and Nataniel Infante on lead guitar, plus the addition of guitarist Cesar Añasco, Mauricio Peña in bass, and Fran Muñoz in drums, a lineup that has been performing extensively in the chilean circuit.

In recent months, Kingdom of Hate has been involved in an intense activity and taking part in several gigs, among which highlights were opening for Heaven and Hell, Iron Maiden, Kreator, Exodus, Overkill, Hirax, Criminal and Pentagram Chile.

Kingdom of Hate plays a diverse style that combines modern metal trends with elements rooted in traditional heavy metal and, of course, in thrash metal from the first half of the eighties.

Currently, Kingdom of Hate has premiered a re-recording of the local classic The Search, a compendium of original compositions of Marchant and Infante, and works in new original songs to be recorded soon in studio.